Organizational Chart


Steering Committee
Customer Service Audit Team
Policy Planning Group
  • Reginal Industry Planning Team
  • Industry Convergence Planning Team
Business Support Group
  • Business Support Team
    • Contact Center
  • Industry Information Support Team
Smart Convergence Technology Center
  • Radiation Convergence Team
  • Honam 3D Center
Administrative Service
  • Management Planning Team
  • General Affairs and Personnel Team
  • Finance Team
Regional Industry Promotion Office
  • Leading Business Team
  • Technology Human Resources and Incubation Team
  • SW Convergence Team
Jeonbuk Science Technology Promotion Center
  • Future Planning Team
  • Industry-Academia-Research Support Team
New Renewable Energy Complex Operation Group
  • New & Renewable Energy Planning Team
  • Secondary Cell Battery New Material Convergence Team
    • Fuel & Cell Team
  • New & Renewable Energy Complex
Jeonbuk Design center
  • Design Support Team