Customer Service Charter

Customer Service Charter

As the local high-tech technology innovation hub organization, “JBTP” will practice the following to provide the best customer service in order to lead regional strategical industrial development, provide integrated support for new technology-based businesses and nurture new growth engine industries.

  • 01

    We serve our customers with a kind and polite manner at all times, and reflect our customer’s opinions to the maximum to become an economic leader of the 21st century stands side-by-side our customers.

  • 02

    We deeply understand that customers are entitled to have the best service and to have work managed in a rapid, accurate and kind manner from the customer’s point of view with an open mind.

  • 03

    We value customer satisfaction first in the work process and do our best not to cause any inconvenience for our customers.

  • 04

    We will improve customer service through continuous self-reflection and revision of wrong practices.

Service Provision Standards

When Visiting in Person
  • Entrance of all offices should have a seating chart of employees installed for visitor convenience.
  • We will do our best to minimize visitor waiting time and to inform visitors about the wait time if the requested employee is not available or to transfer to another employee to provide the service.
  • We will maintain the visitor space in a clean and orderly manner at all times for visitor convenience.