Promotion System

Realize a"JBTP standing side-by-side with clients" by establishing transparent corporate culture.
  • 01

    Advancement of ethics management system

    • Establish ethics management foundation
    • Advance ethics management system
      • Reinforce operation of code of conducts
      • Sign integrity oath of all employees
    • Spread ethics management practice determination
      • Hold ethics management declaration ceremony
    • Promote operation of internal audit system
    • Strengthen ethics management diagnosis/feedback
  • 02

    Spread autonomous ethics practice culture

    • Create a consensus for ethics management
    • Spread individual ethics practice culture
      • Promote operation of integrity practice mileage
      • Establish ethics rules (ethics charter and code of ethics
    • Perform social responsibility activities
      • Practice autonomous ethics tasks
    • Systemize and reinforce ethics education
    • Establish ethics management monitoring system
  • 03

    Reinforce enterprise ethics practice activities

    • Operating ethics management learning organization
    • Publish and advance sustainability report
    • Promote local community-centered social contribution activities
    • Strengthen transparent management through expansion of preemptive/proactive information opening
    • Strengthen information opening request response to outside stakeholder