Greetings from the President

We will be the partner for growth with our region. Challenge 2021! Sophisticated technology in regional strategic industries and promoting tech-centered start-ups!!

Hello. This is Yang Gyun-Eui,
Chairman of JBTP.

Thank you for visiting the official website of Jeonbuk Techno Park
Yang Gyun-Eui

Jeonbuk Techno Park is the strategic base for the innovation of scientific and industrial technologies in the Jeonbuk region, allowing for the systematic cooperation among local businesses, educational institutions, research centers, and government organizations. Jeonbuk Techno Park has been playing a significant role by contributing to the development of the national economy, the activation of the local economy, and the creation of jobs through the promotion of the innovative growth of small and medium businesses and by advancing the technologies of local industries.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing remarkable change to our society. In these days requiring such innovation and adaptation, all employees and officers of the Jeonbuk Techno Park endeavor to help with the implementation of the needed industrial ecosystem to promote win-win growth with small and medium enterprises. We enhance capability as experts and integrate all our hearts and wisdom based on our accumulated capabilities.

Furthermore, Jeonbuk Techno Park will be the partner for growth in the region putting every effort into making a better and more prosperous Jeonbuk. We will take the lead integrating all capabilities of the residents of Jeonbuk and be the strategic base for local innovation.

We would like to ask your continuing encouragement and interest.

Chairman of Jeonbuk Techno Park

Yang Gyun-Eui