General Status

General Status
Date of Foundation 2003.12.29
Base Regulation Founded based on Article 32 of Civil Law and Article 4 of Act on Special Cases Concerning Support for Techno Parks
President Yang Gyun Eui
Prescribed No. of People 142(Manpower)
Purpose of Foundation Building collaborative system among Industry, Academy, Research Institutes and Public Sectors to form innovative regional contact in businesses as a regional business foothold to promote technology advancement in regional strategic industries and tech concentrated startups and in turn activate regional economy and contribute on national economic development
Main Business
  • Performing as innovative regional industrial contact and play as business foothold
  • Making regional strategic industry planning such as technical and industrial policy
  • Making mid and long term regional strategic industry development strategy like making industrial technology map
  • Researching regional innovative technological capabilities and manage and evaluate business
  • Participating and supporting regional development research center and regional innovative committee
  • Forming and operating industrial technology complex
  • Managing regional industrial
  • Joint technology development through industry, academy collaboration
  • Business supporting; incubation & nurturing, research development, information utilization, training, management consulting, test authentication, and technology commercialization and technology transfer