What is Government 3.0?

New paradigm for government operation

  • t is a new paradigm for government operation to deliver customized public services and generate new jobs in a creative manner by opening and sharing government-owned data to the public and encouraging communication and collaboration between government departments.
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Providing customized
service to customers

Creating new growth
engine of jobs.

Open ·Sharing·Communication·Collaboration
Start new change with people's hope and expectations. Prepare special tomorrow for each and every individual. Government 3.0 will start a new era of a new Korea where it gets stronger as its peoples’ happiness grows.

Further strategies of JBTP 3.0

  • Provide outreach services and overcome blind spots, as well as providing customized integrated services
    • Provide customer-centric services
  • Communication and collaboration between departments and relevant institutions
  • Open and sharing JBTP secured industries' technical information to the private sector
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Customer Centered Services
Citizen Customized Services JBTP
Open and Sharing
Trustworthy and Transparent JBTP
Communication and Collaboration
Talented and Hardworking JBTP