JBTP Medical Convergence Technoville Occupancy Guide

BTP Medical Convergence Technoville Occupancy Guide

Location: 13-6, Iksan-daero 78-gil, Hamyeol-eup, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do JBTP Foundation Smart Convergence Technology Center


  • Area: Medical Convergence Technoville (1,308m2)
  • Tenant Recruitment: year-round
  • Rent Period: 3 years
  • Rent Period: 3 years
  • Deposit and Rent
    • office deposit: 100,000 KRW/3.3m2
    • Monthly Rent: 10,000 KRW / 3.3m2
    • Water, electricity, telephone, and public utility fees charged by bill (internet provided free of charge)
    • Other facility fees charged separately

Business areas and possible tenant companies

  • Business Areas for Tenants: RFT (radiation convergence technology), car/machinery, carbon material, LED, printed electronics, IT (S/W); agricultural life is limited to company-affiliated research institutions
  • Possible Tenants:
    • companies developing new technologies or seek for production after technology development
    • Excellent Graduates from Business Incubation and Nurturing Center (businesses recommended by business incubation centers)
    • Innobiz / venter-certified companies, technology research institute
    • When JBTP recognizes that a business requires occupancy at the park
  • Excluded Companies:
    • those who are regulated by financial institutions for delinquent transaction
    • Those who own businesses that frequently generate pollution such as wastewater, noise, and vibration

Screening Procedure

  • 1st Screening: document review and site inspection
  • 2nd Screening: presentation and Q&A (Screening Committee) – consider business feasibility and technologies comprehensively to make the final decision


  • 400KW receiving power in total
  • Hot water and shower room (2F)
  • Conference room (Radiation Convergence Building 1 conference room on 2F)
  • Leased internet line (100M) and public wireless internet network provided
  • System air conditioner and heater
  • Lounge (cafeteria on 1F and reception room on 2F)
  • Sports facilities (basketball court and foot volleyball court)

Occupancy Application Procedure

  1. 01


  2. 02


  3. 03


  4. 04

    contract and

  5. 05

    support for

Documents for submission (only for relevant companies)

A copy of occupancy application form (fixed form) / 7 copies
Attached Documents
  • Business plan (fixed form)
  • A copy of business license
  • A certified copy of corporate registration (issued in the past month)
  • Financial statement in the past three years
  • National tax, local tax payment proof form
  • Health insurance payment proof form
  • Credit Rating Report (issued by qualified agency)
  • A copy of patent / authentication
  • Other documents

Application and Inquiry

  • Application Form: download from JBTK homepage (http://www.jbtp.or.kr)
  • Application: visit or via post (documents submitted will not be returned)
  • Reception: 54853) 13-6 Iksan-daero 78-gil, Hamyeol-eup, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do JBTP Foundation Smart Convergence Technology Center Radiation Convergence Team
  • Inquiry: ☎+82 -63-720-3701 / Fax. +82- 63-724-3790