Buan New Renewable Energy Complex

Buan New Renewable Energy Complex

Location: 28, Sinjaesaengenergy-ro, Haseo-myeon, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do JBTP Buan New Renewable Energy Complex


  • Area: 6090m2 (Convention Center)
  • Tenant Recruitment: year-round
  • Rent Area: adjustable upon discussion
  • Rent Period: 3 years
  • Deposit and Rent
    • office deposit: 100,000 KRW/3.3m2
    • Monthly Rent: 10,000 KRW / 3.3m2
    • Water, electricity, telephone, and public utility fees charged by bill (internet provided free of charge)
    • Other facility fees charged separately

Area of business and possible tenants

  • Areas of Business: core cluster-related areas: auto/machinery, carbon materials, LED, printed electronics, wind power, solar power, RFT, etc.
  • Possible Tenants :
    • companies developing new technologies or seek for production after technology development
    • Excellent Graduates from Business Incubation and Nurturing Center (businesses recommended by business incubation centers)
    • Innobiz / venter-certified companies, technology research institute
    • When JBTP recognizes that a business requires occupancy at the park
  • Excluded Companies :
    • those who are regulated by financial institutions for delinquent transaction
    • Those who own businesses that frequently generate pollution such as wastewater, noise, and vibration

Screening Procedure

  • 1st Screening: document review and site inspection
  • 2nd Screening: presentation and Q&A (Screening Committee) – consider business feasibility and technologies comprehensively to make the final decision


  • 6,950KW receiving power in total (Convention Center)
  • Cafeteria (within 50m distance)
  • Hot water (1F - 3F)
  • System air conditioner and heater
  • Public wireless internet network provided
  • Leased internet line (500M)

Occupancy Application Procedure

  1. 01


  2. 02


  3. 03


  4. 04

    contract and

  5. 05

    support for

Documents for submission (only for relevant companies)

A copy of occupancy application form (fixed form) / 7 copies
Attached Documents
  • Business plan (fixed form)
  • A copy of business license
  • A certified copy of corporate registration (issued in the past month)
  • Financial statement in the past three years
  • National tax, local tax payment proof form
  • Health insurance payment proof form
  • Credit Rating Report (issued by qualified agency)
  • A copy of patent / authentication
  • Other documents

Application and Inquiry

  • Application Form: download from JBTK homepage (http://www.jbtp.or.kr)
  • Application: visit or via post (documents submitted will not be returned)
  • Reception: 54853) 818, Palbokdong2-ga, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do JBTP Foundation Business Support Group Business Support Team
  • Inquiry +82-63-219-2142 / Fax. +82-63-219-2100