Jeonbuk R&D Equipment Operation Association

Jeonbuk R&D Equipment Operation Consultative Committee


Jeonbuk Science Technology Promotion Center Senior Researcher
Jo Won Yong +82-63-219-2277

Committee role

  • 1.Conduct effective support projects and make business-related decisions to promote co-utilization in accordance with the proposal of the provincial ordinance on the promotion of co-utilization of R&D equipment
  • 2.Policy advice and institutional improvement suggestions for the operation of R&D equipment in the province
Jeonbuk R&D Equipment Operation Consultative Committee
Serial Number Division Affiliation Position Name Contact Info.
1 Chairman of Directors Woosuk University Woosuk University Foundation of Industry-Academic Collaboration Head Director Lee U-geum 063-263-3104
2 Commissioner Future Industry Division of Jeollabuk-do Head of the Section Lee Seong-ho 063-280-3260
3 Commissioner Small and Medium Business Administration of Jeonbuk Head of the Section Lee In-gi 063-210-6440
4 Commissioner Jeonbuk Technopark Head of Center Lee Song-in 063-219-2287
5 Commissioner JIAT(Jeonbuk Institute of Automotive convergence Technology) Head of Department Bang Dong-hun 063-472-2325
6 Commissioner Jeonbuk Institute for Food-Bioindustry Head Director Lee Eun-mi 063-210-6570
7 Commissioner Korea Institute of Convergence Textile Head of Center Lee Bang-won 063-830-3510
8 Commissioner Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology Head of Department Lee Sang-gi 063-219-3587
9 Commissioner Chonbuk National University Specialist Jeong Yun-jo 063-270-3567
10 Commissioner Kunsan National University Professor Kim Dong-ik 063-469-7550
11 Commissioner Jeonju University Professor Yu Gyu-seon 063-220-2992
12 Commissioner Wonkwang University Professor Song Mun-gyu 063-850-6341
13 Commissioner DACC Co., LTD Head of Department Im Dong-won 063-715-2506
14 Commissioner Hanpoong Nature Pharm Member of Board of Director Sim Tae-ho 063-715-0045