General Committee on Local Industry Promotion Plan

General Committee on Local Industry Promotion Planning


Policy Planning Group Researcher
Jin Il Gwon +82-63-219-2204

Committee role

  • 1.Decide overall direction for local industry promotion plans
  • 2. Review and decide local industry promotion plans (draft)
General Committee on Local Industry Promotion Planning
Serial Number Division Affiliation Name Contact Info
1 Governor Jeollabuk-do Song Ha-jin 063-280-2001
2 Deputy Governor Jeollabuk-do Jin Hong 063-280-2020
3 Chief Director Jndustrial Economic Bureau of Jeollabuk-do Yu Hui-suk 063-280-3200
4 Chief of Commissionor Small and Medium Business Administration of Jeonbuk Jeong Won-tak 063-210-6403
5 Director Jeonbuk Technopark - 063-219-2112
6 Director of Center Jeonbuk Center for Creative economy & innovation Kim Jin-su 063-220-8900
7 General Manager INNOPOLIS Jeonbuk Park Eun-il 063-905-9760
8 General Manager FACT(Foundation of Agri, Tech, Commercialization & Transfer) Lee Won-ok 031-8012-7210
9 Director KESCO(Korea Electrical Safety Corporation) Electrical Safety Research Institute Choe Jong-su 063-716-2800
10 Head Director Jeonbuk Institute For Regional Program Evaluation Mun Seong-sik 063-278-9730
11 Director Jeonbuk Research Institute Gang Hyeon-jik 063-280-7100
12 Director Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology Gang Sin-jae 063-219-3500
13 Director of Branch KIST Jeonbuk Institute of Advanced Composite Materials Kim Jun-gyeong 063-219-8401
14 Director of Branch Jeonbuk Branch of KRIBB(Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology) Lee U-song 063-570-5003
15 Director JIAT(Jeonbuk Institute of Automotive convergence Technology) Lee Seong-su 063-472-2301
16 Director Jeonbuk Institute for Food-Bioindustry Kim Dong-su 063-210-6515
17 Director Korea Institute of Convergence Textile Baek Cheol-gyu 063-830-3500
18 Chairman of Directors Jeonbuk Civilian Committee of Science and Technology Commission Seol Gyeong-won 063-270-2302
19 Director of Center Woosuk University Regional Innovation center Lee Hong-gi 063-290-1111
20 Head Director Howon University Foundation of Industry-Academic Collaboration Jeong Ui-bung 063-450-7600
21 Representative Association of Leading Jeonbuk Companies Guk Jung-ha 063-262-9321
22 President Korean Chamger of Commerce and Industry in JeonJu Lee Seon-hong 063-288-3011
23 President Institute of Research Enterprise Company of Jeonju Jeonbuk Lee Jae-ik 063-261-0415
24 President Jeonbuk Root Industry Council Jeon Gap-yong 063-213-0787
25 Head Director Policy Planning Team of Techno Park at Jeonbuk Hyeon Tae-in 063-219-2201